To provide a collection of rich information for a local destination that contains the most up-to-date data from current weather and traffic conditions, local business reviews, news and events.


The layout must provide a certain degree of flexibility to incorporate various data type and styles. At the same time, this page also required to bring a steady stream of revenue.


Content Container

MapQuest has been all about finding a location, getting there and explore what is nearby the destination, so providing a rich and up-to-date local information is necessary for a wholesome user experience on

To provide flexibility of the layout in displaying various content with different information from various feed provider, a modular widget layout was the perfect fit for it. Four layout templates were designed to minimized potential noise due to too much varieties but still offer flexibility in designing unique widget based on content type. Certain fixed elements are provided to allow users to refresh the content, minimize and close the widget.

Widget style layout also opens up new revenue stream that is not intrusive to the user experience. By placing a placement for advertising on each widget, advertisers can bid to sponsor a content.

Below are the layout templates.

The Control Panel

The next thing is defining the overall layout that offers flexibility for users to configure local destination, show and hide widgets, and rearrange each widget’s placement by dragging the widget around.

By placing the control panel inside the content title bar, it gives a prominent place that is easy to find. The control panel allows user to change the destination and further configure the content itself.

The Result

With this feature addition, user can now easily check out the latest news, reviews and events for local destinations of their choice, which completes MapQuest’s mission to help users to find a location, getting there and explore what’s nearby.